Saturday, May 05, 2007

Miracle League and Confession

I took Joseph to his first Miricle League game today. He had a great time. He sat and stood still when he needed to, and did some of what he was expected to "on the field."

I thought of Jerry--He wrote a thoughtful blog entry a few days ago about summer and baseball and parenting an autistic child and how we relive the lost "expected" moments over and over again with our kids. I thought of Jerry as I watched the Dads watching their boys. I think missed moments during sports activities are harder on the Dads than the Moms. But we are sort of a whole bleacher full of folks that love our kids to death... but would rather not be there... but will always be there.

I think Joseph enjoyed the game so much because he is missing school. It is hard for him to be home all day every day.

Now for the confession.

Children's services may call yet. I took Joseph with me Friday to pick up Alex at school. We walked. The other two parents from across the street that usually walk to pick up their children were late so I told the teachers I'd see that everyone walked home safely. Meanwhile, Joseph was on the playground. We started home--I was busy making sure everyone was okay with walking home with me and understood that Mom or Dad would be at home or meet us on the way and all was okay. You can see this coming, right? We were a good two blocks away from the school before I realized I'd left Joseph on the playground. Argh. Heart in throat. Panic. Turn around and move as fast as my 50-year-old not so great shape person can move... My boy was sitting on the steps of the school, waiting patiently. My heart starts beating faster even now just writing about it. The teacher standing next to him had not looked at his face and just thought he was one of the kids from the school, waiting for a late parent 'till she saw me... All's well that ends well, but... The good part of the story is that J-bear did exactly what I'd want him to. Sat and waited. However, it becomes clearer and clearer that I don't have the mental sharpness I need to stay one step ahead of him, let alone just REMEMBER him!


mcewen said...

I can feel the blood pressure rising and the grey hairs sprouting....and that just for me reading it!

Jerry Grasso said...

You aren't really a parent unless you've forgotten a child at school/restaurant/ is a rite of passage we all must go through...and lose at least a year off the back end of our lives. :-)

Thanks for the call out on the blog!

However, you need to make the hyperlink 'live' so your readers can just click it and go to that particular posting.

Yes, blogging is like life long learning. It is never as easy as you hope....