Friday, October 03, 2008

Fact Check

Okay, so Dave still gets credit for going to camp with Alex.  However, when I picked up Alex at school the next day, he told me that Daddy didn't stay at camp.  After everyone went to bed "Daddy went back to the office."  I thought I'd better check this one out.  Turns out that Dave was needed at a business meeting the next day in Indiana, so after lights out in the cabin, and after being sure there was enough adult supervision in his cabin (there were two "extra" men on the trip), Dave drove to Indy, stayed in a Super8, and went to his meeting.  

Funny, he never mentioned any of this to me???   Is there a serious communication problem in our marriage.  Please don't answer that.... 

At least he didn't stay in a nice hotel.  

He still had a better than average dinner waiting when he got home, because I'm just a nice person--and I'd already thawed the meat...

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