Friday, October 24, 2008

Sarah Palin Speech on Special Needs

I'm home this morning, nursing a sinus headache. I caught the live coverage of what the news channels call "Sarah Palin's first policy speech." She talked about the McCain Palin administration's plans for special needs children, teens and young adults. I was impressed. She said all the right things. She delivered a serious speech with a serious tone. She dropped all the snarky jabs at Obama. She was humble about how she is a rookie as a special needs parent. She stopped herself from calling autism a disease. She acknowledged that special needs are not just an issue of cute little kids. Adults are involved. She talked about providing full federal funding for IDEA. If Obama wins, she has done us a great service by delivering this speech, putting these issues out there as important enough to merit attention 12 days before an election. I don't think the speech will change votes... but this is the first time I've seen Sarah Palin do anything I found noteworthy.

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