Wednesday, October 08, 2008

okay, now what do I do???

Joseph's latest trick--Let's climb on top of Mom's pretty desk in the living room.  The one she keeps locked with all her most precious things safe behind the display glass.  Yes, I know I should be worried about my child, not my china, but REALLY!!!  I asked Dave about it--Dave says Joseph's been doing this for the past two weeks.  Where have I been?  Tonight, I just turned out the light and left him up there for awhile.  He hasn't figured out how to get down without help--and despite the risk of breaking bones and/or bone china, I left him up there for a few minutes...  When I went to help him down he seemed genuinely interested in getting his feet on the floor.  

Sally--Do you recognize the desk?  

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Tiffany said...

Thanks for your stopping by our blog and for your comment....
I am flattered that you used my pumpkin picture!!!!

I had to laugh that you turned out the lights and left Joseph up there for a while.....
Here's hoping for no broken bones or bone china.