Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat or Tantrum

Something as simple as Trick or Treat night is never easy in our house. Are these not two really really cute boys?? I sure think so. Do you notice the grumpy one on the left... He tantrumed for a good hour before time to go out. He tantrumed while we took pictures. He sassed. He mouthed off. He was told about ten times that if he didn't clean up his act he was not going trick or treating. Well... He was so naughty we finally had to make good on the threat. While I'm writing Dave and Joseph are out gathering treats. Alex is at home sniffling and getting ready for bed. Do you think he is trying to get my goat while I ignore him? "Next time you choose some one else..." I have a pretty good idea where this is going. "Next time I hope someone else picks me to be adopted." Yep... That is where I figured he was heading. I've known all along the day was coming when I was told that I wasn't his "real" mother. I've known that he would try to hurt me--because he can. And because that is all he thinks he has--power to hurt. Any power is power. Ah... the dear, sweet, oh so heartbreaking child. He misses Halloween Trick or Treat because he wants to hurt me. I hope and pray that someday he will learn that when he hurts us, he hurts himself even more... I think it is time to go try to give him a hug and a cuddle and settle him down a bit.


After sniffling, and being mad at Daddy, and sniffling some more, and saying "I don't care about trick or treat." He said "Other kids at school can read big books and I can't." Ah... Maybe this isn't all about Trick or Treat. Maybe it isn't all about Daddy.


Daddy calls. Does Alex want to go out now? Daddy will come back for him and let him go out for the second part of Trick or Treat. What a great Dad.


Through all of this, our doorbell does not ring. We live in such an isolated place, no trick or treaters venture down our road.
I'm going to go take a shower in an empty house.

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