Sunday, June 27, 2010

Antique Quilt Frame

I went to church garage sales yesterday--my favorite Saturday activity this summer. I've found a lot of wool at great prices. Yesterday at the Columbus Mennonite Church rummage sale I found this antique quilt frame. $25. I was there during the last hour so prices were very low. I think this quilt rack is absolutely beautiful, and it works. It is exactly like one I remember seeing in an Aunt's home years and years ago. I like that it is narrow, that adjusting the tension for quilting is easy with the gears on the cross pieces, and that it is all there and in working condition.

I have my mom's quilt rack--the one dad made for her. It is essentially four corner posts made of heavy 4x4s. You start with the quilt at full size using four long pieces of lumber. The quilt gets smaller and narrower as you quilt. It is great because you don't have to baste, but it takes up the whole room at first. If any of the nieces or one of my sisters or sisters-in-law wants the four posts, I'll part with them now that I have an option. If no one wants it, I'll keep it, cause I can use it to baste a quilt before putting it in the "new" frame. Not that I'm planning to quilt any time soon, but I might, just to try out the frame.

Does anyone have any idea how old this might be? The hand-forged iron hooks make it look 19th century to me... But I'm no expert. Those are hand-forged iron hooks, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

good morning,
I have been looking for a picture of this type of frame for a long time
I have my grandmother quilting frame parts. They look just like this one except the gears parts are metal.
WOuld you consider taking other pictures of yours and sending to me so that I can figure out what parts are missing and how to fix it.
Greatly appreciate if you can.
Ann Email

maura said...

Oh my goodness, I have been dreaming of a quilt frame just like this! You are so lucky! I hope I find one someday too!

mica-lika-pi said...

Maura, check out Remix Furniture. It's a consignment furniture place (located in Nashville) and they just received an antique quilt frame exactly like this. Priced at $150 and they do ship out of state!

Susan Lenz said...

Do you still have this quilting frame? If so, would you sell it?

Betty said...

I just was given a similar(not as old) quilting frame that belonged to my friend's mother. It needs to be updated with new cloth and the gears are missing. Is there any where I can find instructions on using the frame? Such as attaching the quilt and then the process of quilting? I've looked online unsuccessfully.

Deborah said...

Betty, you took the words right out of my mouth. How do you use this thing?. I have a quilting frame that is almost identical to the one in the picture. It was custom made about 20 years ago for a relative. I've only seen the type that consists of 4 identical boards laid out in a square. This one is foreign to me. I can't picture it working.

Tanya said...

I just bought a similar solid oak set up with 12 foot long turning poles that have the gears on one end of each pole. I bought it for 22 dollars. It came with 8 support boards. I haven't tried to put it together yet. The thick pentagon shave sided turning poles have canvas to baste the cloth and quilt sandwich to. I bought it at grand ole Trunk thrift store in Manhattan Kansas March 2017.