Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bed Head Barbie: My first GIVE AWAY

I'm getting ready for another street fair in Westerville this Friday. I made more birds, more owls, and I have the apples all ready. But I've missed making monsters. The trouble is, no one is spending that much on an item. Small items are selling, the large ones are not. So... I made a new kind of monster. Just about 5 inches tall, they are shapeless creatures with very flat feet and really bad hair. Hmmm.... what should I call them. I know, "Bed Head Barbie." Even Barbie is shapeless when she rolls out of bed in the morning, and in slippers her feet and flat and fat, just like mine.

And, what luck, I decided to have my very first give away. A "Bed Head Barbie" give away! Just post a comment below, and be sure you give me a way to contact you, and you will have a chance to win your very own Bed Head Barbie. (I'll even ship to you free!) Or if you prefer, I'll send a Buckeye Bed Head. (If you don't know the difference, you don't live in Ohio.) You can tell me which Bed Head is your favorite, but I can't guarantee that one will still be available when the give away is over. I'll try to make a new one like it. I'll do a random number drawing on July 5th with all the entries that I get by July 4th at midnight to pick the winner.

Barbie is made from recycled, upcycled, repurposed, reclaimed wool garments. She is stuffed with wool as well. Only the thread she is sewn with is new.

So, tell your friends and be sure to respond by July 4th.


Anonymous said...

Cute little monsters - I hope these are more popular than the others. I think are all cute. Just not sure what to do with them :)


Lora said...

Sally, As soon as your little ones start losing teeth, you can use it as a Tooth Fairy pillow. The mouth is a tiny pocket!

meeyeehere said...

I want one!!! Or many!!!!! Please send a cute happy one to me! Yay!!!

I♥thesecrazykids said...

Those are so neat! I want one!

Lora said...

I guess I'm glad not that many people read my blog every day!! The three of you that have already responded will get your Bed Head Barbies. I'll ship the week of July 5th. Comments left after this one will be in the drawing to win a Bed Head Barbie.

Sarah said...

So cute! I ♥ Bed Head Barbies - I think you could really have a market with the name alone! Put my name in the drawing.