Friday, June 25, 2010

My Demographic

I just came home from street fair number three. Jen and I had a great time, again. I'm tired because it was hot and I was on my feet all evening. I was on my feet because people were looking at my things, and buying my things! I enjoy watching faces light up with a big smile when they focus on the mice and rabbits and monsters. The faces that are most often drawn to my table, and most often light up when they see my things are between 5 and 12. More girls than boys, but not by much--maybe 60/40.

Maybe that is part of why my Etsy sales are slow. 7 year old kids are not looking for toys on Etsy.

No worries, though. I had FUN! Sold all of my small bunnies, most of my bed head barbies, and a lot of owls, mice and birds. Sales were way up over fair number two! I'll be pleased if I do this well at the remaining three fairs.

McDonalds has a booth across from us and Ronald McDonald was there for part of the evening. He made a special trip over to my booth to look at the monsters and bed heads up close, and to tell me that he had been eying them all night and that he really liked them.

Should I add that to the Etsy site: Endorsed by Ronald McDonald??? Or does that just prove that my target audience is between the ages of 5 and 12?

Don't forget to comment on the post below for a chance to win your very own bed head barbie. I won't check your age.

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Sarah said...

Well, Ronald McDonald kind of has bed head. Maybe he finds them to be kindred spirits.

Love that you had a successful night - hope the rest of the street fairs are just as good!