Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I love the word awkward. Its meaning is so like its spelling.

Now, that being said, I just spent a very awkward 45 minutes. Most of you know that I am starting a new job July 1. I’m excited for new challenges, etc. etc. The man I’m replacing is not happy about the transition. He is being replaced because he didn’t work well with current leadership. So, I spent the last 45 minutes talking to him about the transition. Methinks that will be all the time I get to pick his brain, learn the ins and outs of the position, figure out what and where and who… In other words, he is doing all he can to make it hard for me to succeed. Well, darn it… I don’t take that from anyone. I’ll do the job well without your help, and I’ll do it better than you did!

Yes, and work still feels easy compared to home.


mcewen said...

need a cleaner? tea lady? fluff picker upperer? = part time position in the OFFICE space not domestic!

Jerry Grasso said...

If I could I'd hire both of you. Jerry