Friday, April 20, 2007

Identity Theft

Well, I've been pretty complacent about the whole identity theft hoopla... I shred my bills, and I shred anything with my SSN on it, but I've felt like it was the least of my worries. It still feels remote, but 14,000 OSU folks had their identity information hacked this past week--and I'm one of the lucky ones. The University gave us all a year of credit monitoring via a professional company. I guess that is great. I still hope someone else on the list looks more attractive to the bad guys than I do. After years of ignoring the problem I now have to admit I'm a bit worried. It would be a royal pain to deal with.


Jerry Grasso said...

That would totally be a bum...with the move and everything you are going through right now, what a hassle!

mcewen said...

We've been having a whole load of paypal emails of late - we're not members - it's moving up the 'to do' list.