Saturday, April 07, 2007

Snow for Easter

Yesterday was Good Friday, tomorrow is Easter, and we are having serious snow flurries and cold, cold weather. I had a church gig last night and felt like I should be playing "Oh Holy Night" instead of "Oh Sacred Head now Wounded." (Seasons and holidays are all about the music for me...) The grass needs to be mowed and it is a nice bright green, but there is snow. I brought all the tulips and daffodils inside lest they all freeze, and we are enjoying spring indoors.

A few days ago I told Alex that God must be confused that the weather is so mixed up. Alex latched onto that phrase and started repeating it--"God is confused." Now, I didn't quite think all the theological ramifications of that one through before I said it. I don't really want to teach Alex that God is easily confused... Maybe I'd better start saying that I'm easily confused by some of the things God does. (That would be true!)


mcewen said...

Oh yes! You and me both, dearie. I need my own mantra - 'engage brain before commencing speech of any kind!'

Sarah said...

too funny! We did have similar posts! Hope you had a good Easter...