Monday, April 16, 2007

Creative Meals

You are all going to get really tired of stories about packing and moving--but I work, and I pack, and I try to keep up with the boys.

This week's challenge--How do I make decent meals out of all the various stuff we already have in the pantry? I could just move all of the random cans and jars and boxes, but once I got the idea that if I used everything up, I could start with a empty pantry at the new house and stock up on fresh basics. That sounds so nice I'm trying to finish up everything in the freezer and pantry. I'll move whatever is left, but...

Maybe I'm so excited about the move because I think the stale parts of life will be left behind and I'll get to start again with some fresh supplies. Doesn't that sound great? Maybe it is why I'm so happy to be sorting and recycling and giving away the old. I'm ready for the new job and the new house and new challenges. Yes, I AM taking the same old husband and the same old Joseph and the same old Alex along with me. They don't get to trade me in for a fresh new Mom or wife. We all just get fresh pasta, and fresh spices, and fresh frozen food.

I was sitting in the backyard last week, enjoying a few minutes watching boys play, thinking about our 12.5 years here. Some pretty big things happened in this house--The best years of my life happened here. The hardest years of my life happened here. It will be hard to move, but we aren't leaving the important stuff behind--all of that goes with us...


mcewen said...

Store cupboard cooking is usually the most challenging, not for my own tastes, but other people's.
Bet you're finding quite a few 'treasures' during the huck out.

Jerry Grasso said...

We always find things like canned cranberries and pumpkin and salsa...none of that, I find, goes well together.


a mommy said...

The betty crocker cookbook, and most Junior League cookbooks, are a cornucopia of dishes made from 5 canned ingredients. ;) All the old casseroles are canned.

Here's a great one: got a can of artichoke hearts? Mix that with a cup of mayonaise and a cup of that grated parmesan cheese everybody has in the fridge door. Add a sprinkle of garlic powder and cook at 350 for 20 minutes or so, until it gets bubbly. This is WICKED good on crackers or chips.

Since pumpkin pie is one of the few "vegetables" my youngest will eat, we're not huge pumpkin repositories: but that's another great use for at least two cans!

Enjoy starting over! It is quite exhilerating - at least, when your back doesn't hurt too bad from the bending and lifting. Best wishes!

Sarah said...

Moving is bittersweet, that's for sure. Perhaps you should have a packing party with your neighborhood friends. You provide all of the food (who cares what it is/how it goes together) and they help pack. Sounds fun!!!! Then you'd be one step closer to clearing out the pantry.