Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend with Sarah

We had a delightful weekend with Sarah, Rob, Jonah and Isaac. The weather cleared enough for a trip to the zoo. We watched basketball, played with boys, ate, shopped, and had a fun time.

I'm facing another week or two that looks insane. One day at a time. Today, I won't see the boys until it is time for bed, and I left before Alex even woke up. That is never a good thing, but, it happens. Sarah commented that I was an example of a Mom who was doing it all--working full time and raising children, but I'm still not sure I'll ever be comfortable with the sacrifices I've had to make. And I'm leaving a lot of the child rearing to Dave and others.

I will also miss my bookclub this evening. I have a dinner for work that starts at 6, probably won't end 'till 8. At that point I'd be late to book club. AND I'd want to leave bookclub early to watch a basketball game at 9:00. So, I'll just go home after dinner so I can help tuck the boys into bed and watch B-Ball.


Jerry Grasso said...

Well, were you glad you missed book club? I mean, OSU was in the game from what I could tell (I crashed well before it was over...)

Aunt Lora said...

I fell asleep before the game was over! Dave reports that we played well, Florida just played better.

Sarah said...

We enjoyed getting to see all of you! Thanks for your hospitality this weekend. I think no woman really can have it all - I just am impressed that you have a really successful career and a family. Good luck during the next couple of hectic weeks!!

a mommy said...

Sometimes it feels like we have nothing, huh? Except, perhaps, guilt, stress, and sleep deprivation. But you ARE doing it! Each and every day, you get up and do it. Remember, you can readjust if necessary along the way.