Monday, April 23, 2007

More Creative Meals

I want to report (although my honesty may jeopardize my Domestic Disaster status) that I made two new recipes over the weekend. Both were given favorable reviews. I made “Lentil Barley Stew” out of the “More with Less” cookbook ( Dave thought it was great. Alex told me it was delicious. (We let Joseph leave the table and I forgot that he had not eaten. He found a giant candy bar I’d bought from a neighbor’s child for a school fundraiser and ate the whole thing… So, I guess my DD status is secure.) And I made a Bisquick pizza recipe off the back of the box. I thought it was bland, but everyone ate it—even Joseph.

The fact that Dave ate lentils and barley without a bit of whining is a miracle. I’ve had a great influence on him during our years of marriage! (Okay, I guess some might think that he was, in fact, better off eating pepperoni pizza every night.) The fact that Alex ate lentils and barley without whining is a testament to what a great kid he is. I guess I balanced the lentils with pizza and Bisquick the following night.

So, the pantry purge continues…


Norma said...

I grew up in a church that served beef barley soup at the meal before communion. I've never tasted it anywhere else or found any soup so delicious. I think it needs to be served with hymns and the noise of chairs scraping on the church basement floor to taste right.

Jerry Grasso said...

Lentil soup makes me think of things I 'had' to eat as a kid: included on this list is liver, round steak, kidneys, and some sort of bean salad

Clearly, I do not have fond memories.

But Lora, I'm sure your's was just just wonderful.. :-)