Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Well, if we were feeling sad about leaving our city neighborhood and moving to the suburbs, we are starting to feel better and better about it. I noticed about two weeks ago that our bikes were gone from our garage. It must have happened during the February snow and ice. It was very hard to close the side door on the garage, so we didn't for about 5 or 6 days. A few days back Dave noticed our 20-foot extension ladder is gone. So we looked more closely-- also missing: a gas powered edger, a blower, a string trimmer (that doesn't work--joke's on you Mr. Thief), an electric hedge trimmer, and Dave's toolbox full of tools. (No power stuff, but lots of wrenches, screwdrivers, hammer, etc.) At first we were not going to report the theft to the insurance, since our deductible would cover everything we lost, but now it is really starting to add up!

Alex talks about the bad person that took our stuff. So we have issues other than the monetary.

I think the ladder is the thing that hit Dave the hardest. It was a ladder his family had in his childhood home. The toolbox and tools also feel very personal to him.
The only upside I can figure is we won’t have to move the stuff. But we will have to replace most of it. I certainly want a bike in the burbs.

Thankfully they left the lawnmower! With the current balmy temps in Central Ohio, we will need it soon. Although the forecast is for snow later in the week!


Jerry Grasso said...

That's no good at all. Sorry to hear this. Sorry that you are going to have go through 'explaining' to Alex. I can just see a future post about his having to lock every door before you leave the house, etc....

It happens everywhere. Even in the burbs...if it didn't there would be a Briggs or ADT.....

The question becomes on the insurance is if they kick you guys back $300, does that still make it worthwhile when your rates go up, along with the deductible.

a mommy said...

Ugh! Very frustrating. Jerry is right, of course, happens everywhere. But still extremely ugly every time.

A friend once was awakened by his (very, very sweet) pit bull for reasons he couldn't understand. he thought the dog needed to pee. He opened the door to the garage from the house, which the dog was scratching at and whining, and the dog sprang through it like a coiled weapon. Chaos ensued in the garage. By the time my friend could turn on the light and get his bearings, the dog had scattered about 6 robbers out of the garage, and they had left an ant trail of his belongings to the front curb! They tore off in a van they had parked out front to take his stuff. This was in a very nice suburb in North San Antonio. Near as my friend can tell, they got nothing (he's a professional mechanic, and has some choice tools). The dog, however, got a full pair of pants off a robber who didn't QUITE make it over the fence away from the dog. With a wallet in the pocket. Chained on so it wouldn't be lost.

I think that the picture of that guy either getting pulled out of his fashionably baggy pants, or wriggling out of them to avoid a pit bull that had ahold of them, made my friend much calmer about the invasion of the whole thing. Course, the arrest helped, too.

I hope that your robbers get caught. Be SURE to report it to the police -- probably they hit several nearby houses, and may even have been caught. Check pawn shops near your house, and you might find your stuff. I wish you luck!