Monday, September 15, 2008

Gotta love that shredder

We had a very big wind storm in Central Ohio yesterday. I guess the remains of hurricaine Ike met with a strong cold front and created sustained 30-40 mph. winds for several hours. The airport measured gusts to 75 mph. We have two big branches down. One is still hanging in the tree and will require professional help. We are lucky. One neighbor has a tree down in the front yard, another has half a tree on her deck. We lost power for 6 hours. I'm so grateful we have power back today. The boys are home from school today--but we have light, TV, and cold food. Some in the city are not so lucky.

So, I've already been out shredding. I will be able to shred and shred and shred until I'll wish I had not bought that thing!!! We'll have more firewood. One dead tree in the woods came down. I wondered if the others I cut down last week would have toppled in the wind had I not cut them already?

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