Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Visit from Grandma

My mom is here to visit.  91.  That pretty much says it all.   She is starting to fade a bit, but is really doing remarkably well.  She commented today over lunch that she never expected to be where she is now.  Her siblings all died at a younger age, or were seriously ill by the time they made it to 90, so she has no close role models for getting this old and still having her wits about her.  She notices that she is slowing--she is thinking about making plans to move to a smaller place, with three meals a day--  Giving away her furniture, bit by bit--  I told her that if she moved she should plan to spend several months with us while between homes.  She admitted she had thought about staying here.  I'd be happy if she did.  It is nice to be forced to slow my pace to meet hers for a bit even if it is also frustrating--all in all--I think we would be fine.   I'm glad to know she is comfortable in her room here.   Having her here would be another benefit of giving up the more demanding job I left at the end of June.  I'd have been pretty stressed trying to care for her over any kind of long term with the other job, but with the current job, I should be okay.

The boys enjoy her, although she doesn't exactly know how to relate to either one.  While she was here in January--and so very sick--Joseph had a routine.  He realized that he could sneak into her room after dinner and watch "Wheel of Fortune" on her TV.  She was truly so ill she barely noticed.  I thought it was cute, so I'd just let him.   She isn't a "Wheel of Fortune" kind of woman, never has been, so it was funny that the grandchild was the one turning the TV to that channel.  

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