Thursday, September 18, 2008

An interesting week

The Central Ohio region has had a hard time recovering from our little wind storm on Sunday. The Domestic Disaster's household, and all the others on our street, were very, very lucky. The power came back on after just six hours. Many still have no power going on six days. Our boys were home from school for two days. Many area districts will be out of school for the whole week. And let's not even think about those in Texas...

I visited The Domestic Goddess in Indiana last week as I drove home from delivering Mom back to Iowa and bought $200 worth of meat from my favorite meat market--which just happens to be 209 miles from home. I am very happy that I wasn't trying to figure out how to keep all that meat frozen!

How do other Miracle League Moms cope with big changes in daily routine? Our kids are a bit more dependent on predictable patterns than others. I know I am dependent on electronic help with my children and on the few hours of respite care we have each day. The wind storm disrupted the lives of my respite care helpers--two people called off work this week. Dave looked at me yesterday as we read the news about how long the power would be out elsewhere in the city and said "You would have been crazy!" Yep, honey. I would have been crazy. How nice of my dear husband--that statement implies that I'm not already "over the edge." He can be so sweet.

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