Sunday, September 21, 2008

Joseph IEP

Joseph's IEP is next Monday. The teacher asked me to fill out a form that took some time and thought.  I'm typing my answers, so I'll post them here for anyone else that is facing IEP time.

I liked the first part of the form--how they try to keep the focus positive.  Tell us what your child CAN do, not what he can't... As you will see, the last part of the form was very hard for me.

Positive Student Profile

Who is Joseph? Describe your child, including information such as place in family, personality, likes and dislikes.

Joseph is the elder of two boys. His brother, Alex, is a fourth grader at Chapman. Joseph has a very good memory, and a good spatial sense. He memorizes math facts, spelling words, sign vocabulary, state names, etc. etc. easily. He likes to do jigsaw puzzles, and is pretty good at them. He likes to play Wii Bowling and Wii Golf, and he likes to watch T.V., especially Blues Clues, Sponge Bob, and football.

What are Joseph’s strengths?

Joseph does well with predictable structure. He can be bribed to cope with new activities and disruptions to his routine, but he is most comfortable when the world is orderly and just the way hel likes it. He complains when things are not just so, but once he realizes he can’t change it, he almost always is okay.

What are Joseph’s successes?

Joseph is fairly independent at home. He ties his own shoes, carries his dishes to the sink, tries to make simple foods like cereal or toast. He rides a bike with training wheels, but can’t quite ride without the extra stability. He hits a coach pitch ball in Miracle League. He is a very good Wii bowler. He can beat everyone else in the family, much to Alex’s dismay.

What are Joseph’s greatest challenges?

Joseph struggles to communicate, or isn’t motivated to communicate in most instances. He is good at expressing his wants and needs, but not good at telling us why he is frustrated or mad. When he is not happy, he can be challenging. Joseph has a hard time finding non-electronic things to do to pass time or relax.

What supports are needed for Joseph?

Joseph needs support to communicate. He needs an interpreter, computer, or alphasmart or something like it (?) and a lot of hands on direction and re-direction to control his behavior. We are constantly working with his Dr. to find the best Rx support we can, but that comes with a whole host of new and different issues.

What are our dreams for Joseph? Include both short term and long term goals.

We hope Joseph learns to direct his energy and focus into something productive. That is the long tem goal. Short term? We hope he continues to make progress, as he always has—slow and steady. Short term, I’d like him to learn to walk home from the bus, and walk to the bus. Maybe not this year but sometime during middle school? Also long term: we hope he develops some kind of functional literacy, so that he can read and follow directions, read simple stories and enjoy the narrative. I’m not sure how realistic that is. Another long term goal that I’m not sure is possible—If we don’t move, and if Joseph attends Scioto for high school, I wonder if he will be able to ride his bike by himself to and from school on nice days? He would need to cross Summit View and ride the bike path through the park to school. The bike path comes out at the school parking lot.

Vision for my child as a young adult:

Home environment—I envision my child will
a. live in: Eventually some kind of group home
b. live with: some kind of support system, probably 24 hrs/day
c. be able to: do something productive

Work environment—I envision my child will
a. work in:
b. be employed as: there should be something he can do that requires a good memory and attention to detail. I don’t know what
c. be able to:

Community environment I envision my child will participate in
a. places:
b. activities:
c. social events:

I hope that my child will develop relationships/friendships with:
His caregivers and peers?

I would also like my child to:

I think that my child will probably need the following supports and/or environmental modifications:

This page is really hard. I know we need to start thinking about all of this, but I’m not quite ready.

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