Monday, September 08, 2008

My new toy

I bought a new toy yesterday--all for me. This is something I've wanted for at least a year, and could not find! I saw an ad in the Sunday paper and could not wait to go buy it, put it together, and start playing...

What is it?

A chipper shredder!!!! I've chipped a big pile of dead branches collected over the past year into about a bushel of nice mulch. Ah--the domestic disaster is delighted to have an electric chipper shredder to go with her electric chain saw. (Really, I have my very own chain saw.) If the weather is nice tomorrow, I may use the chain saw to take down a couple smallish, dead trees. My mom is still here. She can call 911 if I cut off my leg. I've actually taken down a tree all by myself already.

Why is this so satisfying? Why do I enjoy this heavy work so? I love getting good and sweaty, but hate going to the gym. And I just love working outside. Dave doesn't do this kind of work, and he is really too clumsy to allow access to a chain saw. I like to use our wood stove to help heat the house. I feel a bit guilty, 'cause burning wood isn't exactly good for the ozone layer, but burning coal to make the electricity to run our furnace is not carbon neutral. (We have an all electric house.) My brother bought me a splitting maul for Christmas last year, and taught me to split wood. I've very slow, but I can do it.

I guess I can't explain it, but I love my new toy!

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