Thursday, February 08, 2007

Beautiful Winter Day in Ohio

It is clear, cold and beautiful. My pictures don't do it justice. You folks in California and Atlanta can be a little jealous--the cold and snow do have an upside! The kids have school today, and Joseph's bus was only 1.5 hours late.

I have just two manageable things on my to do list for the day--buy a new cell phone and grade midterms. My cell phone is coming apart, and turns off whenever I try to answer it. Since it doesn't ring very often, I've been in a panic twice when it rang and I couldn't figure out who called...

Oh, wait, I have a book about managing conflict in the workplace I'm supposed to read before a workshop tomorrow. But, still, I don't have to go to office to read the book, the house is quiet, and why would I want to read it before the workshop anyway.

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