Friday, February 16, 2007

Joseph's Hugs

I've realized over time that Joseph doesn't have as severe of sensory issues as many autistics, but he loves to be held and hugged tight. When he was just two I would take him to OT and watch the therapist sit on a swing and hug him for ten minutes at the beginning of each session. I wanted to tell her--I can, and do, do that! Joseph still loves to sit in the rocker with me or on the porch swing and be hugged and rocked. It is therapy for him and for me. A mom I don't know very well once said that she had made her son quit hugging the tutors that work with him because as he got older, watching him bury his head in these young women's chests "didn't look good." Well, I understand the dilemma, but... I hope to help Joseph keep his face at shoulder height rather than making him stop hugging!

He is getting almost too big for the hug on the lap that he so loves. And he is getting stong enough that occasionally he grabs the back of the kitchen chair and pulls me to him so I can't get away.

So, as he grows I may need to find new ways to give him the close hug he needs and wants, but for now, I love having a lap full of bony arms and legs.

I read about similar situation on Jerry's blog this morning, and Mcewen commented "... I believe it is common for boys to become less demonstrative as they grow up, so I feel that this is a little bonus for me to enjoy whilst it lasts." My sentiments exactly... Autism does have bonuses...

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Jerry Grasso said...

I come from a non-touchy feely family. So Demetrius' want for sensory input in terms of hugs is all somewhat 'new' to me. Though, to be honest, I've always seemed to like hugging my kids more since they've joined the world than anyone else I've ever loved....paternal thing? You betcha!

Sounds like Joseph's issues and Demetrius' are very much the same in this regards. One way would be to try to recognize the times he craves this and 'hide' his want to hug in public places by finding another pressure point, say a rub on a shoulder or shoulder blade, or push a finger into his palm (if he is receptive to this)

But personally? Me, I think he just likes to give his dad hugs! :-)

Have a great weekend and stay warm