Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Joseph at Home

My boss is late for a meeting, so I'm blogging.

We are settling into a new routine-- Joseph seems to miss going to school a little, but he is such a happy kid, it doesn't make a big difference in his life.

I'll end up being complacent, and not stay focused and motivated about next year. I really must keep working on next year. If I don't blog about it, someone here must call me on it, and be sure I've been doing the legwork to find a new placement! I decided we can't buy a new house just to get a new teacher for Joe-bear. If we need a new school district, we will rent. It may not make long term fiscal sense, but I don't want to buy and move and then need to move again... Moving more than once is bad enough, but selling twice would be horrible. If I'm willing to pay enough, something decent will be available to rent, especially with the slow housing market!

I thought about it this morning as I was driving to work--Pursuing a new placement in two school districts at the same time feels like dating two guys at the same time. I was never good at that. But it is the right thing to do in this circumstance. I have to check out two, three, four different placements to figure out which is best--and I need to act like we are serious about moving, staying, or whatever... I need to be a better actress than I am!

Well, the phone just rang, the boss is here, gotta go...

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Jerry Grasso said...

Good luck, and if I'm reading this right - as long as you find the right school district, the rest will fall into place