Thursday, February 01, 2007

Slogging or Blogging

I have the winter blahs. Rather than do my work today, I've been surfing the web looking for a new house in a different school district. Perhaps if we moved to a smaller district with fewer urban issues, my boys would have a better chance of getting the education they need. The psychologist we are seeing for and with Alex has still not completed his assessment, but indicated that the "treatment phase" of the process would include medication, therapy, and special education. None of this is a surprise, but I'm thinking that as the special education folks in the district have been so difficult about Joseph, I can’t imagine fighting the bureaucracy for two… I’ve been in contact with district officials trying to get a different, better placement for Joseph next year. They don’t want to provide a sign language interpreter, I’m insisting there be someone in the room that understands what Joseph is saying. No telling if another district would do better. It is an expensive request. A teacher that can deal with Joseph’s autism, and a sign language interpreter that knows what he is saying. The officials keep telling me they have teachers that “know some sign.” They don’t seem to understand that Joseph knows a lot of sign. Way more than I do. And I’d say I “know some sign.” It is one thing to have a vocabulary of 200-300 signs. It is another to watch Josephs hand’s fly and follow what he is saying, spelling, reading, adding…

Anyway, the good news is that it looks like we could afford some very nice homes much closer to Dave’s new office, and without counting Dave’s new salary—as long as we can sell our current home for what we think it is worth. Packing and moving sounds like a total nightmare, however!

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