Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Reality Sets In

This morning, the tutor couldn't arrive on time to be with Joseph because the other child she helps was on a two hour school delay. Only way to cover it was to have Dave bring Joseph to campus on his way to work and have J-bear hang out with Mommy for two hours until tutor could pick him up. So, Joseph went to class with me. My students were good about it, and Joseph had his PSP with the sound turned almost off and he behaved okay. There were a few "Joseph chirps" during class when the game was exciting, and a few times the overhead was more interesting than the game. I'm sure it was distracting to the students. Not ideal. Makes me question my "home-schooling" plan... But I'm still not ready to send him back to school next week. I guess that is some indication of how frustrated I must be with school, if having him trail me at work is better than sending him to school.

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Jerry Grasso said...

Hang in there!