Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Update on the Furnace

We spent $120 to find out what a mysterious light switch in the basement controls. You guessed it. The furnace. Alex must have flipped the switch while playing in the basement Monday evening. The furnace man said it is not "up to code" and we should have a real electrician take it out.... Next week...

I'm absolutely in "get through the day one fifteen minute chunk at a time" mode. The third day of no school because it is too cold is behind us. I hired a lot of help today--spent the whole day at the office finishing one project and sitting through interesting, but not critical meetings. Thank goodness I can find help at the last minute!

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Anonymous said...

Ok, somebody who installs that lightswitch never even met a kid. Much less one with autism. I spent three hours in the dr's office with my boys yesterday, and one (even upon threat of death) turned out the lights 8-15 times. I had to hold down the other while he screamed and resisted being examined (to neat, slo-mo strobe lighting effects), so I couldn't control rambling hands the way I normally do. I find it amazing that he can ignore people entirely and yet never miss a fountain or a lightswitch.