Thursday, February 22, 2007

Found a house I love

The upside to upheaval-- I get to browse the internet looking for a new house. The experts (Joseph's psychologist and behavior consultant) suggest a different district than the one that is halfway between Dave's office and mine. But still a shorter commute for Dave than where we are now.

I found a house I love on an acre of land, surrounded by trees and other peoples back yards. Now, I only love the photos on the internet, I haven't really seen the place, should be blind, right! It has well water, not city water. If the well water is nasty like Philip and Holly's was, I may not want to deal with it...and the love affair will be shortlived But, maybe the well water is fine??? We can buy drinking water with flouride! And it is in the district of the best elementary school for autistic kids in Central Ohio. There is always some way to focus on the positive.

Another positive, Joseph's tutors say he is flying through material since he has so many hours of therapy at home...

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mcewen said...

Photo to follow? Glad it's all good!