Saturday, February 10, 2007

Neighbor Children Making a Kitty House

I'm tempted to say this is a picture of Alex with our neighbors Josie, Sophie and Owen making a cat house, but that doesn't sound very good.

I'm hoping the cats have the good sense to hide until all the children are long gone, but they had a great time working together on this project. Joseph was off on an adventure to the office with Daddy, so he missed out.

I must say I love eavesdropping on the kids, listening to them when they think I'm busy doing something else. They are getting old enough to have an interesting social heirarchy, and they have played together for several years now. We are so lucky to have great neighbors. Am I really thinking of moving

Well, I just checked on the kids again, and there is blue marker all over the floor--That is more like life here chez DD.

Think I'll go bake brownies for the little angels.

1 comment:

Jerry Grasso said...

What an art project without marker or glitter glue or crayon ground into the carpet?

Art is messy!!!!